Check out all of the cats who are currently available through adoption at our cafe! If you fall in love while visiting, you can take your new best friend home!


Greetings friends! I’m a sweet, young girl that’s a little shy, but don’t let that deter you. Hang out with me for a little while and I’ll warm right up to you…you’ll see.


Pearl is a sweet, big-eyed baby girl. She loves to play with her toys and looks so cute when she carries them around in her little mouth. Pearl loves to snuggle and be held. She is active and adventurous. Her sweetness will melt your heart.


Sapphire is an adorable girl who loves to be held. If you leave a basket out, you are likely find her curled up sleeping in it. She is playful and full of energy one minute, calm and snuggly the next. This little beauty with her big eyes and sweet personality will make you one happy kitty parent.


Are you ready to fall in love? Good. Do you L O V E attention and daily snuggles? Excellent, so do I. The perfect family for me would include adults who can keep up with my playful personality. You don’t get muscles like mine by sleeping around all day ya know. Kids in the family who know how to give me space when I need it would be okay with me. Think we can be a match? Let’s hang out at the cafe soon.


Inky is the name and hiding is my game. I’m a clever girl who knows how to blend in with my surroundings. If you’re up for a game of hide-and-seek now and then maybe we can be roommates. My golden eyes match my heart of gold, but I suppose you can be the judge. Hope to meet you!


I can be shy when you first meet me and might even run away, but if you’re patient and quiet I just might make an appearance. I am a friendly boy. Visit me and get to know me.


You can keep a secret right? I’m probably one of the most handsome boys at the cafe, but shhh! don’t tell Zeppelin I said that. I have much more than dashing good looks to offer my future family. For example, I really know how to curl up on a blanket right beside the purrfect hooman. Stop by. Say hi. I’ll be waiting.


Hello, I’m Kate. I live at the cafe with my brother Kevin. It’s safe to say we’re alike in the sense that we are both very shy and like to hide when hoomans are around. I spend a lot of time napping on the bench underneath the pink blanky. Perhaps, if you stop by you’ll be able to see my little hideout.


Do I even need an introduction? Everyone knows me…I’m Zeppelin! Well, I suppose everyone knows my name because some hooman is always trying to tell me to do something. “Stop that, Zeppelin.” “Back away, Zeppelin.” “Leave him alone, Zeppelin.” Can’t a cat do what he wants? Sheesh. Anywho, as I was saying, I’m the most handsome tomcat at the cafe and don’t let anyone tell you different. I’m pretty much the boss here and every visitor is subject to my approval. You should really come by and see what all the buzz about me is. See you soon.


Hey there friends! I’m one of the triplets (same parents, different litter) and love hanging out with my sibs. You can tell me apart from them because half of my face is colored orange. I’m super duper friendly and love to play when visitors are near. Come on down to the cafe and hang out with me for a bit.


Hola amigos! I’m one of triplets. I know I’m the cute one in the family and love posing for photos. I’m always around my brothers, so you’re in for quite the treat if you come by to visit.


Dorrito here! Yes, like the chips. I love to spend my days hanging in the sun, lounging on my bed at the cafe, and most of all – waiting for a human to call my own. I am a great cat, stop in to meet me!